Touché, OCBC to launch ‘highly secure’ fingerprint-based credit card payments
LOCAL fintech company Touché is tying up with OCBC Bank to bring what it says is the world’s first fingerprint biometric-based payment to credit card merchant customers in Singapore.

Touché will offer this service to all of OCBC’s credit card merchants with physical stores.

According to the tech firm, its “innovative device and robust software” will deliver “highly secure, convenient and personalised point of sale transaction services at the touch of two fingers”.

Touché’s devices will be set up to accept both traditional card payments and fingerprint-based payments, so that merchants would not need to have multiple payment devices. Transactions will also be recorded electronically, with receipts being emailed, eliminating the use of paper.

In addition, points and discounts may be applied instantly for qualifying customers at the point of interaction, and merchants will be able to build a tiered loyalty programme that offers membership based benefits, Touché said. The firm’s data analytics component also allows for merchants to create personalised offers based on customers’ preferences and buying patterns.
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Rachel Mui
The Business Times
WED, MAY 23, 2018 – 10:46 AM


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