BitVault® announces London launch

Embedded Downloads announced today the official global launch event for BitVault® in London on 31st of October 2017. The event will be held as at the Mandrake Hotel in London where the product will be introduced to 300 private guests.

The company further announced the engagement of London Entrepreneur and celebrity event coordinator, Kash Amini as official brand ambassador for the BitVault®.

Amini is a well known entrepreneur in London entertainment circles and has been an early investor in cryptocurrencies, specifically Bitcoin. Amini stated that after the meteoric rise of Bitcoin to almost $ 5000, he became interested in diversifying his portfolio into other crypto related projects and he was introduced to the BitVault® project and also the “Encryption of things” – EOT.

EOT is an open-source cryptocurrency created for use in the BitVault® and other encryption applications. As an early adopter and investor in EOT, Amini is well positioned to be an ambassador for the BitVault® and EOT projects.

“31st of October is the Birthday of Bitcoin and as such it is the perfect date for the birth of the BitVault® “, Amini said and he further mentioned that the launch event will be attended by leaders in the Fintech and financial community, interested parties from the business community as well as guests from abroad. Amini also mentioned that the odd celebrity might be spotted at the event.

More details on other features and specifications of the BitVault® are available on the website:…

BitVault® is owned and developed by Embedded Downloads, with development offices in Limerick, Ireland and New Delhi, India. Embedded Downloads specializes in secure hardware and software relating to the “Internet of Things”.

BitVault® is a registered trademark of Embedded Downloads and all rights are hereby reserved.…

Bit Media

Bit Media
Published on Oct 5, 2017


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