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American Express – Shop Small 2018
Support your local high street between 1-16 December and get £5 back for every £10+ you spend. Get up, get out, Shop Small. Terms apply.
American Express UK
Published on Nov 27, 2018

Shop Small celebrates the small businesses who do big things for their communities every day

Each year, our Cardmembers are rewarded for using their Card on local high streets up and down the country. Shop Small kicks off as usual on Small Business Saturday on Saturday 1 December 2018 and runs through to Sunday 16 December 2018.
Small Business Saturday is a grassroots organisation that also works to celebrate the role of local businesses up and down the UK.
American Express is proud to be a founding partner.


Spend £10 or more and get £5 back.*

Just spend £10 or more on your Card in a single transaction in-store at a participating small business, and we’ll give you back a £5 credit on your statement. Offer runs from 1 – 16 December 2018. There’s no limit to the number of £5 credits you can receive, however, you will only be able to claim the offer once from each small business location.

To take part, you just need to register the offer on your Card – or Supplementary Card – and you’re ready to Shop Small once the offer is live.

Your Supplementary Cardmembers can also register for the offer, they just need an online Account in order to do so.

Simply click the ‘Save Offer to Card’ button below to log in to your online Account and register the offer to your American Express Card. You can do this right up until the last day of the offer which is Sunday 16 December 2018.

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