Martha Mghendi-Fisher
Founder EWPN & AWFP
18th October, 2018

“You can’t be your own best self until you find your tribe.” I am so much at home with my EWPN Tribe.

The 3 pillars of EWPN! So honoured to have found you two! Thank you for believing in my vision. Thank you for joining me in this incredible ride. Thank you for the time, dedication and love you brought from the very start. Thank you for saying yes without blinking or hesitating. Thank you for believing that we can be the change we want to be in this life. All I had was a house plan, a few timber pieces, a few nails and a foundation. Thank you for crawling with me as we collected all the materials and manpower needed to build this EWPN Power House. Thank you for sticking around and weathering the storms together. Here is to us! Here is to creating more opportunities for other women! Here is to powering up other people! Here is to continous shaping of a diverse and inclusive industry!

And to you Sabine van Egeraat, thank you for helping me structure my thoughts into a tangible idea. Thank you for making me think of the why, before the how.

Here is to many years of love, professionalism and sisterhood!

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Martha Mghendi-Fischer founder #EWPN European Women Payment Network about her experiences

Vincent Everts
Published on Oct 16, 2018

I talked to Martha Mghendi-Fischer founder of the #EWPN, European Women Payment Network. Why and how did she start this network? What does EWPN do? Who are the members? What are the goals and what can you get out of it?
How is the position of women in finance and how fast are they getting to the top? Is there an equal playing field? What needs to happen in organizations for both women and men?
And what is her personal story?

Tony Craddock Director General Emerging Payments Association (EPA) finished the #EWPN conference

Vincent Everts
Published on Oct 17, 2018

Tony Craddock was asked to end and summarize the #EWPN conference. Why?

He is the enthusiastic Director-General of the Emerging Payments Association which has 130 members and accelerates innovation in the UK payment space. There is already an active woman in payment group with 150 members in the EPA and he stimulates the European Women Payment Network growth.

Wat kind of activities does EPA perform? How is it growing? Which members are part of it?
Next month he is starting the Asian Emerging Payments Association in Australia and at the end of the year the European Emerging Payments Association. Q: Where is that going to be located? Answer: Luxemburg or Amsterdam! What a choice. What will determine that choice?