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Press Release
01 October 2018


M&S to launch “Mobile, Pay, Go”, allowing customers to seamlessly shop and pay on mobile, at six London stores ahead of Christmas
Perfect for busy London customers, the checkout free checkout means customers can purchase lunch (sandwich, crisps and a drink) in under 40 seconds
20% of sales at M&S Waterside Simply Food are already via the app

M&S has today announced the launch of its scan and pay service, Mobile, Pay, Go, which will be available for customers in six London stores ahead of Christmas. Available now in Edgware Road and Waterside (M&S’ Paddington HQ) Simply Food, the service will roll out to West Hampstead, Bankside, Canary Wharf and Stratford Westfield over the coming weeks.

The pacey roll out follows a successful trial of the service at Waterside Simply Food over the summer. The store now sees 20% of its sales from Mobile, Pay, Go with an average of 170 items being purchased through the app every hour.

Mobile, Pay, Go is the simple way customers can pay for items without approaching a till. Customers simply open the M&S app, scan products as they go and then pay from their iPhone using Apple Pay or a saved card on their M&S.com account. It’s a seamless way to do a fast, seamless shop up to the value of £30.

With the service enabling customers to purchase lunch (sandwich, crisps and a drink) in as little as 40 seconds, the app is set to be particularly helpful in stores where a high proportion of transactions take place over lunchtime. In M&S’s Waterside Simply Food, 60% of transactions take place between 12pm and 2pm so it’s unsurprising that more than 1,500 people have already used Mobile, Pay, Go with 1/3 of active users making five or more transactions a week.

Sacha Berendji, Retail, Operations and Property Director at Marks & Spencer said, “Digitally enabled stores that offer a seamless customer experience are a crucial part of our transformation and our ambition to be a Digital First retailer.

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