“The balance of public transportation with contactless MasterCard never ends. Contactless Mastercard as a new era began in the journey with singer Edis new song and a video clip..Start Something priceless!”

Please watch in video: Mastercard Sunar: Edis’in yeni şarkısı – Paha Biçilemez Bir Şey Başlat, by Mastercard Türkiye, Published on Jan 25, 2019


Jan 25, 2019

A whole new song for Mastercard from Edis: Start something priceless

The first clip from Live Experience is Mastercard and Edis.

Mastercard announces the announcement of the Ed Contactless Mastercard ark application with singer Edis and a video clip. In the open area, the live video taken on a moving municipal bus, the clip is a first in the world.

With Mastercard’s kredi Contactless Mastercard in Public Transportation ass project, payments can be made in city trips, Mastercard bank and credit cards without contact. The brand met with Edis for the announcement of this brand new application. Edis, who entered the studio for the project, made a ride song. The clip of the song iyor Start an Unpredictable Paha emez is between the passengers on a moving bus.

Entering the studio for the project, Edis uncovered a voyage song to be a hit. Onur Ozdemir’s song was called as the name of MasterCard’s global rhetoric ‘Paha An Unblocked Start ın, while in the content of the journey was sent a lot.

An Extraordinary Clip Full of Surprises

In a traffic-free area, on a moving bus, and completely set to the flow of the song, the live experience of the clip is quite out of the ordinary.

Beginning with Edis’ reading MasterCard, the ordinary public bus turns into a set of video clips with LED lights hidden in 21 different locations. Passengers who are unaware of anything at first have a great surprise with Edis’ riding on the bus. Edis finds themselves in a growing surprise with song, dance choreographies and visual effects that are pre-installed in the bus.

Clip Preparation for weeks

The project’s clip preparation process was quite intense. Edis and the dancers worked for days in order to perform their choreographies in a narrow space like a public bus.

All the scenes in the clip were pre-set in seconds. A public transport route was found which would correspond to the duration of the song and calculated how many kilometers the bus should go. All the light choreographies were designed according to the music and the route. Some words in the song were written to the billboards so that the bus could be seen during the trip, while the bus screens were used as a karaoke display.

Advertisers: Ceren Türkben Kaya, Pinar Ak
CEO & COO: Alemşah Ozturk
Creative Director: Serene Köroglu
Creative Group Chairman Ahmet Terzioğlu
Yaracıtıc Group: Aydin Gürer, Emre Gülver
Brand Director for Melike Asci, Aycan Semiz
Brand Manager: Ecem heavens
Agency Producers: Gülşah Batıbeki, Kasım Bektaş
Production Company: Autonomy
Director: Gazali Görüryılmaz

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