SEP, 2018



Innovation in the payments sector is set to make cash and card look as old fashioned as bartering with livestock, and financial companies are scrambling to keep up. The Future of Payments report, published in The Times, details the sluggish progress of open banking, while China sprints ahead with highly developed mobile payment systems. From blockchain to biometrics, it explores the technological advances changing the face of how we pay, alongside comment on lingering gender inequality in the financial sector and an infographic on the battle for digital wallets


Biometric payments: convenient or creepy?
Biometric identity checks could hold the key to countering fraud and offer a more convenient way of paying, but obstacles may stand in the way of widespread adoption

Open banking is coming, but it’s taking its time
Slow to take off, open banking could yet transform financial services and offer better deals for banking customers

Win by default: providers battle to be card of choice
Becoming consumers’ default payment option, particularly in digital wallets, is an increasing challenge as incumbents and newcomers alike try to keep pace with developments in technology

Chinese payment giants are lightyears ahead
Mobile payments apps have leapfrogged credit and debit cards in China, signposting the way forward for the rest of the world

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