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“Withdraw Cash Wednesday takes place Nov. 21, 2018 at ATMs nationwide. Get into the habit of using cash to curtail spending by joining the movement.”

Release by ATMIA
Business Wire
November 07, 2018 07:15 AM Eastern Standard Time

Mike Lee, chief executive officer for ATMIA.

Shop, Eat and Celebrate the Stress-Free Way with Cash This Holiday Season
Withdraw Cash Wednesday on November 21 Helps Consumers Control Holiday Spending and Avoid Racking Up Debt

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Get ready to shop, eat and celebrate the stress-free way with cash this holiday season. Today ATMIA, the global trade association for the ATM industry, announces the second annual Withdraw Cash Wednesday event which will take place on Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2018 at ATMs nationwide. The Withdraw Cash Wednesday movement encourages consumers to develop the habit of getting cash for weekly spending on Wednesdays to control spending and avoid racking up debt, especially during the holidays.

“Cash continues to be the No. 1 way people like to pay today, despite the growing use of digital payments,” said Mike Lee, chief executive officer for ATMIA. “By encouraging consumers to get cash every week, and especially on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the holiday shopping season kick off, Withdraw Cash Wednesday helps consumers to spend wisely and within budget, rather than increasing credit card debt,” added Lee. “Supporting Withdraw Cash Wednesday is a stress-free, money-saving way of enjoying spending during the holidays and throughout the new year that’s coming.”

Don’t Forget – Withdraw Cash from ATMs on Wednesday, Nov. 21

From coast to coast, consumers are joining the Withdraw Cash Wednesday movement to fight against overspending. These activities, proudly backed by ATMIA, are a great way for consumers to start gaining control over money, while helping make the Withdraw Cash Wednesday movement bigger and better than ever:

You can join the movement to receive email or text message reminders, plus timely information and tips about cash
Sign up now for our Holiday Cash Giveaway Sweepstakes — Prizes to be awarded Nov. 21

Sign up now for our Holiday Cash Giveaway Sweepstakes — Prizes to be awarded Nov. 21

Find a convenient ATM to get cash on the big day, Nov. 21, and subsequent Wednesdays using our ATM locator directory

View Take Control of Your Money and Cash Is King videos to jumpstart the effort to curb overspending

Pledge support using the hashtags #WithdrawCashWednesday, plus like, comment and share our Facebook and Twitter social media posts

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