Sep 18th 2018 6:36AM

Landlord claims pub is first in UK to stop taking cash payments
A traditional pub has become the first in Britain to go cashless, its landlord has claimed.
There are no tills at The Boot in Freston near Ipswich, Suffolk, and customers must pay by card or phone.
There is no minimum spend per transaction.
Mike Keen, landlord of The Boot pub, said the benefits of going cashless are ‘huge’. (Sam Russell/ PA)
The 1530s pub had been derelict for nine years before new landlord Mike Keen took it on and it was refurbished.

Mr Keen, 49, who re-opened the pub 12 weeks ago, said: “The benefits of going cashless are huge.”

He said he researched other cashless businesses before opening and found few negatives.

The landlord said some delis had gone cashless and at least one bar in Manchester, but no traditional pubs before The Boot.
The Boot in Freston, Suffolk dates back to the 1530s. (Sam Russell/ PA)
“Cash has always been a pain,” he said. “You’ve got problems with theft.

“The banks charge a fortune for you to pay cash in, they take a cut of everything you pay in.

“You have to organise change, go into town, park, queue up which is another security risk or pay a firm like Securicor to pick it up.

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