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WWE works with Square to build a retail experience that allows fans to buy their memorabilia quickly and easily — so they can get back to the action.


Feb 10, 2020

Once a year, wrestling fans travel from all corners of the United States to watch WWE stars duke it out at WrestleMania.

Merchandise is a ubiquitous part of sporting events, but at WrestleMania, it’s a right of passage — proof that you made the trek to witness that year’s show.

The mecca for merchandise at WrestleMania is the Superstore, located in the parking lot of the arena.

It’s here that fans gear up before they enter the ring. They can buy everything from T-shirts and cardboard cutouts to official WWE champion belts.

WWE works with Square to build a retail experience that allows fans to buy their memorabilia quickly and easily — so they can get back to the action.

Learn more about building customer retail experiences at: http://squareup.com/enterprise


Square Online Store helps cake-making entrepreneur bring her vision to life


Jan 16, 2020

Megan Ray, founder of Miette Patisserie & Confiserie in San Francisco shares how Square helps her keep both sides of her business—online and in-store—perfectly in sync.

Learn more about Square Online Store at: https://squareup.com/online-store


MEG RAY: Miette is the personification of everything I love; from the labels to the delicious cakes to the ingredients we use. It’s really a complete expression of who I am. I’m Meg Ray and I’m the owner of Miette. We’re a small business and we’re women owned.

At four locations here in Hayes Valley, the Ferry Building, Marin Country Mart and Jack London Square. We started using Square seven years ago. We use the Square Online Store, the POS, and all the marketing. With the Square Online Store, I feel like it’s the first time we have been able to extend the brand to the website, which is so important. It’s easy to navigate, the photos are beautiful, people put more and more things in the shopping cart.

The area where we’ve seen the most growth is the same day orders. It used to be that you would sort of roll the dice and come into the shop and see what we had available. Now you can order online and go pick up the cake. I think our cake sales have almost doubled.

For me, the most important thing about the Square Online Store is that it integrated completely with the POS system. Doing inventory is very easy. I can look at my phone and see how much each store has made up to the minute, and that now includes the online sales. Before, they were almost two separate businesses. We have our online store and then what the shops did, and now it operates as one comprehensive business.

Square has been part of our growth all along. It’s a partnership where we’re important to Square. They are one step ahead of us in having the solution or the feature that we need as we get bigger. I think the most important thing when you’re starting out in business is to have a vision and be true to it.

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