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This is for the lifehackers. The side-hustlers. The unconventional innovators. And everyone cutting a new path. #WhereWouldYouLikeToBe – Visa. Everywhere You Want To Be. Visa , Sep 10, 201


About VISA TV Commercial, ‘Cutting a New Path’ Song by Biz Markie

A hairstylist set up a mobile business where he rides his bike from client to client. He’s cutting a new path by cutting his clients’ hair where they are — in the comfort of their own home, on their front porch or even on the basketball court. He’s able to keep working wherever with mobile pay so client’s can use their Capital One Quicksilver Visa card to quickly pay and go.

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Tap to pay with Visa and pass the torch in your own special way. Where would you like to be? Visa. Everywhere You Want To Be Proud partner of the NFL . Visa , Oct 3, 2019


About VISA TV Commercial, ‘Go Bears’ Song by Ying Yang Twins

A giant bear walks through the tunnel into the fooball stadium. Kids, adults and vendors stop to stare at the giant bear walking through the aisles and buying ice cream with its Visa. The bear carries its ice creams back to a little baby bear, decked out in her own bear costume. Mother and daughter growl “Go Bears” at each other and continue the family Game Day get up tradition.

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