Using Blockchain for Payments

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Published on May 16, 2019

There’s no shortage of ways to move cash from one place to another to pay for goods. But now with Blockchain, users are disrupting legacy platforms and this technology is offering speed, security, and efficiency to the world of payments. As blockchain steadily advances and reaches mainstream acceptance, what can startups do to prepare for this financial revolution?
Tammy Camp – Founder & CEO of Stronghold, Tom McLeod – Founder & CEO of Omni, and Stefan Thomas – Founder & CEO of Coil sit down to discuss how blockchain technology is providing long-awaited financial breakthroughs at both the enterprise-level and for startups. From microtransactions to mobile and cross-border payments, gain insights to the advantages and key considerations for startups that adopt this new financial infrastructure.
Tammy Camp, Founder & CEO, Stronghold
Tom McLeod, Founder & CEO, Omni
Stefan Thomas, Founder & CEO, Coil

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Ripple – Cory Johnson : Transforming Global Payments
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